Frequently asked questions

What We Buy

We buy Gold, Silver or Platinum. There is no need to ship them separately – you can send them all together in the same shipment.

The price we offer is based only on the items’ precious metal content (gold, silver, or platinum). We cannot remove, return, or compensate for any stones. If your jewelry contains stones, you don’t have to remove them before shipping – unless you wish to keep them. We’ll deduct the weight of the stones while making our evaluation. Please send only stones that you’re willing to part with if you later accept the payment. The only way to get them back is to decline your payment and have us return your entire shipment. In that case we’ll enclose a new kit with your return, so you can keep any stones and then re-ship the items back to us for payment under a new transaction. Tiny diamonds can be difficult to remove and are often not worth the effort.


The first step is to complete our form to register for a Seller Account. Next, select either one of our two shipping methods:

  1. Have us mail you a free Kit with insured USPS Priority Mail label attached, or:
  2. Print your free prepaid USPS Priority Mail label online for immediate shipping.

Regardless of the option you select, you’ll receive a unique Transaction Number, a USPS Tracking Number, and an email confirmation from us.

If you use our Kit, simply follow the enclosed instructions. If you print a Label, be sure to pack your items in a sturdy, well-sealed shipping envelope or box, and secure the label to the package.

When your package is ready to give to the Post Office, make sure it is scanned for acceptance. USPS will not honor any claim for a lost package that has not been scanned to verify acceptance. Dropping your package in a mailbox, or handing it to USPS personnel without having the label scanned, may not guarantee valid proof of shipping.

If you need assistance with our online form, or if you’d prefer to register via phone, call us at 1-844-733-1227 and we’ll be happy to help.

Yes, but we only accept shipments from Sellers who have pre-registered and been assigned a unique Transaction Number. For easy identification by our system, please enclose a copy of the USPS label we provided. On the outside of your package, write your Transaction Number, and affix a shipping label from your preferred carrier (FedEx, UPS, etc.). Don’t forget to request adequate insurance, and get a receipt. Be sure to provide us with your new tracking number too, so we can track your shipment while it’s in transit. After we receive and process your items, we’ll add up to $10 to your payment to compensate for your shipping cost. If your non-USPS shipment is lost or damaged in transit, you will be responsible for filing a claim with your carrier for reimbursement.

Ship to:
PO BOX 507

Yes, but we cannot return jewelry boxes or bags. Please don’t send us any packaging materials that you wish to keep.

Depending on your “Ship From” location, your shipment will take 1-3 business days to arrive. Sundays and major US legal holidays are excluded.

You can track your shipment by logging in to our site as an Existing Seller, by visiting and entering your tracking number, or by calling USPS at 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777). As soon as we receive your package, we’ll notify you by email. We’ll document the opening of your package by video, which enables you to observe your items being unpacked and weighed by our knowledgeable, experienced assayers, and verify that we received everything you enclosed.

On rare occasions, a package may be damaged or lost in transit. To prevent monetary loss, we strongly urge you to make sure that USPS electronically scans your label’s tracking barcode for acceptance into its system.

Your shipment is automatically covered for up to $500. If – based on your estimate using our “Prices We Pay” page – you believe that we would pay more than $500 for your items, before shipping please email or call us for special-handling assistance, at or 1-844-733-1227.

We want you to have peace of mind when using our Gold Exchange program. We carefully keep track of every shipment given to USPS. If your package fails to arrive within a reasonable timespan after its expected delivery date, we’ll ask you for a description of your items so we can compensate you. Please note: if you choose to use a carrier other than USPS, you will be responsible for filing any claims with your carrier.

Security & Accuracy

Your peace of mind is extremely important to us, because you are entrusting us with your valuables and counting on us to pay you a fair price, and we value your trust. We take security seriously, and assume full responsibility for your property while it is on our premises. All deliveries to our Refinement Services center are immediately logged into our system. Our video receiving method assures our Sellers of the highest level of transparency in the industry. Our facility is equipped with alarm systems and multiple surveillance cameras, and only two high-level staffers can access our vault – if neither one is on site, the vault cannot be opened. We are also insured by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company.

Our employees are carefully screened and trained in the latest, most accurate precious-metals assaying methods. Our scales are regularly tested and government-certified, and we weigh every item at least three times: (1) during the receiving video (at which time the gross weight of your items is recorded in our system), (2) during processing, and (3) upon final management approval – ensuring that nothing, no matter how small, ever falls through the cracks.


We use environmentally-friendly X-ray fluorescence (XRF) for the most accurate and reliable results. No toxic or corrosive chemicals are used in the testing of your jewelry. Our assayers also rigorously inspect each item, relying on their years of experience handling, scrutinizing, and evaluating countless precious-metal items of all kinds.


We use three critical factors to determine the value of your items:

  • Precious Metal Purity (karat value or percentage)
  • Precious Metal Weight (excluding any stones, etc.)
  • Market-Based Price (on the day your shipment is received – see Prices We Pay)

The amount we pay is based on precious-metal content only, because all of our Sellers’ items must be evaluated fairly, using the same criteria, and by the same standards. After you accept your payment, your items will be melted down for refinement.

New retail fine jewelry pricing is based on a great deal of added value above just the precious-metal raw materials. And appraisals performed for legal or insurance purposes are known to be inflated to well over the retail price. The bottom line is: what you originally paid for your jewelry (or had it appraised for) – as beautiful new jewelry to be worn and enjoyed for years – is not the same as what the actual pure gold or silver is worth on a given day, as scrap precious metal to be melted down and refined. For most pre-owned jewelry it would be unrealistic to expect to receive anything close to your original retail cost or appraisal value. Its remaining value is its precious-metal content.

We send your payment as soon as your items are evaluated and your payment is approved by Management – generally no later than the end of the next business day following receipt of your shipment. When you first register for a kit or label, you are offered a choice of three payment methods:

  1. Check by US Mail – First-Class Mail usually takes 3-10 days to arrive. You retain the option to return the check and have us return your items, at our expense.
  2. eCheck – Your eCheck is immediately emailed to you. Print and use it like any other paper check – bank, mobile deposit, etc. You retain the option to return the printed eCheck and have us return your items, at our expense. 
  3. PayPal – Instant online money transfer. By choosing PayPal you agree in advance that you will accept your payment and that your items cannot be returned.
  4. REEDS Gift Card – If you choose to receive your payment by REEDS Jewelers Gift Card (instead of check or PayPal), we’ll add 20% to your payment. You’ll receive your Gift Card by First-Class Mail, which usually takes 3-10 days to arrive.

No matter which payment method you’ve chosen, we’ll email you as soon as your payment is sent. In the email we’ll encourage you to log back in to your Seller Account to see your video and review your transaction details. If you chose to be paid by a check in the mail, you’ll see the amount in your Seller Account before the check arrives in a few days. If you chose eCheck or PayPal, at this point you should have already received your eCheck email or PayPal payment – if you haven’t, please let us know ASAP. You can always email or call us if you have any questions about your transaction.

We will consider your payment as accepted and your transaction as closed after you:

  • Cash or deposit your check or eCheck
  • Accept and request that we load your payment to your Gift Card (instructions are included in your gift-card mailing)

At that point, your items will be melted down for refinement and will no longer be returnable.

If you chose payment by PayPal, however, you agreed to automatically accept your payment and that – upon payment – your items will be melted down for refinement and will no longer be returnable.

If you haven’t shipped your items yet, it’s probably best to create a new transaction with your preferred payment method – by requesting another kit or printing another label. But if you’ve already shipped, you can ask us to change the payment method at any time until your payment is issued. Once we’ve sent the payment, the payment method can no longer be changed.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Simply notify us to put your transaction on hold, then mail back your uncashed check, uncashed printed eCheck, or gift-card letter (with the unloaded gift card) to: R. S. LLC, PO Box 507, Cedarhurst, NY 11516. Once we receive it, we’ll ship your items back to you at our expense. You will receive an email notification confirming your return shipment. (If you chose payment by PayPal, however, you agreed to automatically accept your payment and that your items cannot be returned.)

Unfortunately, we cannot separate out specific items from shipments and return them. Please send only items that you’re willing to part with if you later accept the payment. The only way to get any items back is to decline your payment and have us return your entire shipment. In that case we’ll enclose a new kit with your return, which you can use to ship items back to us for payment under a new transaction.